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Rules of transformation June 7, 2007

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No aesthetic rule should be strictly followed, yet rules are there as a guideline for the achievement of that perfect look bonsai trees have.

The aesthetic canon of bonsai art has been gradually developed during centuries of trial and error by fine masters. Those rules are suggested by practical aspects of the bonsai cultivation.

The primary meaning of the bonsai tree is imitating it’s counterpart living in nature, achieving that well balanced look of a “normal” dimension tree.   However, on a little bonsai, there’s not room for all of the branches of a big tree, so they have to be screened.


The art of making a bonsai from a shrub May 14, 2007

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Many people are considering bonsai simply as a tree, but it’s not. Bonsai is a peace of art, the recreation of nature in a miniature style, a secret wish to exalt the nature and also to bring the nature into the living space, just accomplishing the outside growing conditions.

You can have your own bonsai, but you have to love it and put your entire feelings in caring it, because you have to know that bonsai is a pretentious and very spoilt tree.