Bonsai Kid!

…Shaping the world!

About May 14, 2007

Bonsai Kid is a person with an exciting perspective on life.   When not working, BK spend his days with PJ (his partner-in-crime) and Lala (his kitten, aka Little Black Rocket).    Together, the three of them blog their questions and doubts about life, society and milk.Bonsai Kid is the result of a few years of blogging and internet interaction.  Wise as a Bonsai and experimental as a kid, BK couldn’t think of anything better to call himself.   Bonsai Kid is crazy about tools, power tools and electric stuff (kind of like Tim Taylor from Tool Time).  However his projects seem always to end up as frustrating disasters.  Because of his disastrous “handyman” skills, BK only has limited power tools to play with (ie an electric screwdriver and battery chargers).   PJ thinks this is the only way to guarantee her coming home to find the house with no unexpected holes or burnt carpets.   BK has been also attributed with the invention of “Extreme Bonsai”.   In his own words, this is the “art of planting, shaping and wiring a full size tree” just like the smaller bonsai.   Obviously, this is an ongoing project, and he will be able to start as soon as PJ allows him to get a chainsaw…Bonsai is BK’s new thing.   It combines all the skills he doesn’t have, and is therefore a challenge that should be documented.


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  1. Steven Panarelli Says:

    /Users/stevenpanarelli/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2006/Sep 12, 2006/IMGP0406.JPG

    Read through your site and wanted to leave a pic in appreciation.

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