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The first approach to the Bonsai art June 4, 2007

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I was reading an article titled “Don’t Worry About Your First Go” and I thought the author was right.

It’s true, looking at a bonsai for the first time could be “scary”. Not because of the tree itself but because you may believe you’ll never reach the skill of the man who accomplished that masterpiece.

I already said in my first article there’s no magic nor mysterious alchemy behind bonsai. There are just advanced horticultural practices to apply on normal trees. There’s nothing to be scared of, but there’s a lot to study and to practice.

But bonsai is not rocket science, applying botanical rules is insufficient, a great sensibility is required. The right artistic sensibility will be gained looking at masterpieces, those specimens created by the fine masters of this art. But your personal sensibility to the grace of the nature is impossible to gain from the outside. It has to blow from inside you, because nobody will teach you sensations and sentiments.

The only way to stimulate this sensibility is performing the art. Trial and error will teach you both the science behind bonsai trees and the sensitivity. You’ll see the bonsai reactions to your cures, you’ll see how it’ll respond to your love and its effort to go ahead. This involvement in the plants life will stimulate your own sensibility.


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