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Bonsai projects for 2007 May 17, 2007

Filed under: Blogging — Newstudy @ 1:39 am

Trident Maples

Fukien Tea
Ficus Retusa
Ficus Tigerbark
Hawaiian Umbrella

Serissa Snow Rose
Shimpaku Junipers
Chinese Sweet Plum
Green Mound Junipers


2 Responses to “Bonsai projects for 2007”

  1. John Clarkson Says:

    Interesting list. If you are in New Zealand, how you will manage to bypass DoBAmbient to get a ‘Ficus Tigerbark’?

  2. bonsaikid Says:

    seedlinds of the Ficus Tigerbark 30-40cm are available at for NZ$17.00

    Perfect for Bonsai development from September to March.

    There are also Brazilian Araucarias, the hardest trees to find on right size.

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