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Plastic Pots for Bonsai May 14, 2007

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Are Plastic Pots OK For My Bonsai?   This is a very common question we get asked.   Plastic pots are absolutely fine for the early training of your plant.

We know that they are not as pleasing to the eye as clay pots, but if you purchase them form a good supplier then they will have been carefully designed to ensure both good growth and good drainage.

As clay pots have a porous texture that allows the roots to breathe even when the soil is packed tight, tey provide a greater advantage over the plastic pots.

The foundation of growing a good bonsai tree in a pot, before the days of plastic pots, were firm planting and a soil based compost.

For the more advanced specimens, bonsai pots will of course be needed these need and must be chosen with great care, matching the pot or the dish to your tree.

The main reason for growing your bonsai trees in training pots is that they will then have excellent root systems to make for easy establishment.


One Response to “Plastic Pots for Bonsai”

  1. Stevie_NY Says:

    I personally do not recommend plastic pots. use training pots instead. Bonsai Kid is correct on pointing out that plastic pots are not harmful to trees but defies the purpose of the bonsai experience.

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