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How to create a Bonsai Tree May 6, 2007

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  1. Select a branch with a pleasing shape and structure, up to the diameter of your little finger.
  2. Assemble the items listed in the Things You’ll Need section below.
  3. Cut around the branch where you want roots to sprout. Make a circular cut through the bark and into the hardwood underneath.
  4. Make a duplicate cut about two branch widths below the first cut.
  5. Make a straight cut connecting the first two cuts.
  6. Peel off the bark between the first two cuts. The bark should peel off fairly easily. Make sure none of the cambium layer (the green layer under the bark) is left.
  7. Dust the top cut with rooting hormone and wrap the area with the wet sphagnum moss, then wrap it with plastic and tie in place.
  8. Keep the moss wet. After several weeks, you should see roots through the plastic.
  9. When the roots start to thicken and turn brown, separate your new tree by cutting it off below the new roots.
  10. Place small pebbles for drainage in the bottom of a pot. Partially fill the container with top soil. Unwrap the plastic and without disturbing the roots, plant your new tree, adding additional soil as needed.
  11. Insert a stake to keep the tree from moving and damaging its delicate roots.

Bonsai Kid footnote:  11 basic steps…  Bonsai creation is far more complex than that.   Takes passion and patience.  Anyhow, it’s the basic of the basic.  Seek your near Bonsai Master for at least, 6 months classes.   I believe if you are developing a new hobby, so learn it properly and from a knowledgeable source.  it’s my 5 cents…


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